Thursday, April 05, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

I really want to thank everyone for their comments and emails about Murgatroyd. Y'all are so sweet. Now. (deep breath) Let's move on.

Blocked the shawl yesterday, not taking too much time or care at first. Then that sucker began growing and getting prettier as I kept hand patting it from the center out. Then I took some time and care to block it sort of "correctly," which means no pins because I'd left them downstairs, so fuck that. If I do say so myself, WOW! It's all from Fuzzarelly Fibers. Spun fine, 2 ply. One of the merino/silk/angora blend and one ply of silk.

It weighs less than ten ounces. Amazing. I used the fifteen ounce shawl as my winter coat, and it kept me plenty warm. Guess this new one will be my spring and fall one.

The little babies are doing pretty good. Anna's two babies are huge things compared to Precious'. I trimmed P's belly wool this weekend and I can't believe she raised eight babies last time. She only has six nipples. That explains the two runts! I am fostering one of her kits to Anna, who has a ton of tits and milk, (note the irony) and the other four are small, but they are growing.

Heizen and Ginger are getting along nicely.

Ginger is just nine weeks old, eight more than the new guy here. I am still gob smacked at how fast these critters grow.


Valerie said...

That's crazy-ass beautiful. Just mind-blowing. What a lovely job you did. And what great colors. I am blown away!

And the bunnies.. well you know how I feel about the bunnies :)

pamperedproboscis said...

Oh my. The shawl is loverly! Please wear it to the next meeting so we can fondle it!

nancyneverswept said...

I totally agree; PLEASE wear or bring it to the next gathering so we can see it in person! Even with my crappy resolution on photos, it's a phenom. Do I smell a State Fair entry?