Friday, April 27, 2007


The Leftover Socks are done and I like them a lot. I like that they are colorful, are fraternal (not identical) twins, and I like the thriftiness of using five or six different odd bits of leftover sock yarn.

For the heel and toe, I used a sort of peasant heel. Instead of two single decreases paired on each side, I used a double decrease that created a bold center line. It needs tweaking, but I like it. Occasionally, I used two yarns to create stripes and avoided the dreaded jog by starting the other yarn directly across from the other. It's only a little fiddley but worth the small effort.

These were made for a friend of mine against whom I have held a resentment for 18 long months. While I knit the pair, I worked through some issues. And I knit with love in my heart, too. I don't like having a resentment against someone that hurt me, however unintentionally. Our relationship has slowly mended, but I want the hurt feelings to be totally gone.


nancyneverswept said...

What a wonderful pair of socks; and a beautiful sentiment for knitting them! I should try that one some time. Hope it all works out.

Jean said...

The socks are stunning! No resentment, on either side, could survive a pair like that.


But not as stunning, Jean, as your Princess shawl!

For the rest of you, you can find her blog at my sidebar - Blogging from Scotland.

Valerie said...

Those are darling. I hope they prove to be healing to you both. {hugs}