Monday, April 30, 2007

Odds and Ends

Another bunny rescue. This little girl had been slated for python food and somehow survived and is now three or four months old. I don't know enough about short haired rabbits to know what breed she is - all I know is that she is brown with white around her eyes and no chest fat (or whatever that pouter pigeon thing is called.) She is also a very sweet girl and I drove home with her sitting in my lap.

Also had an email enquiring about a home for seven angoras today. Egad. I offered to take them if no one else would. I have the room if I repair the huge hutch, aka the Palatial Summer Home.

Watched a movie about the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist of the moment, so to speak. I have seen photos of several of his pieces, because that is how most of his work is available. Many of his pieces are made from such ephemeral objects as dandelions, icicles, snow, dirt, leaves, and twigs. I was enthralled by his work and by his skill and intensity. The movie showed him gathering materials and then creating. I seriously love his work.

Sweetie and I also subscribed, at last, to Sirius radio. Wow. I listen to our local and excellent public stations, but I must admit that Sirius has them beat. My favorite listening is World Radio News, with English editions from Ireland, Sweden, Southern Africa, China, the Netherlands, etc. The music and comedy stations are also great.

I am ready to start another knitting project, but am casting about for The Next Thing. If it is to be a shawl, I will need to spin the yarn first. Since I tried dyeing the angora/alpaca/merino roving last night, and found it to be not a total mess, I may just do that. Spin the yarn for the shawl, I mean. In nice autumnal colors. Jean Miles, from Knitting in Scotland, is knitting the most lovely of shawls, called the Princess. Me want to make! At some point, anyway. I mean, let's be real.

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nancyneverswept said...

Gee, I wish that thing with no chest fat was contagious. We could use a little less around here! BTW, I failed to see your new tattoo last we were together... The "sucker" on your forehead must have been done in invisible ink. 7 more rabbits?!? I hope you at least get lots of wool.