Monday, July 09, 2007


The most interesting thing, to me, about knitting is that there is always something new to learn. I am learning how to knit on an edging - knitting it onto the center panel of current shawl. Even after reading through the instructions several times, it still turned into blind following for the first few rows until I got my brain and hands around the technique. I am still intrigued by the construction of lace, so this shawl - dull brown though it be - is still interesting. So far.

What is it with the brown lately? Almost all my shoes are black. Most of my purses for the last 20 years have been black. I bought a new pair of sandals and they are brown. Since Heizen nibbled my old black purse until change was falling out of the bottom, I also bought a new purse. Brown strap and trim with a cloth body. And this latest shawl is brown. After the late seventies, I vowed never to wear brown and/or rust ever again. And here I am spinning brown yarn and wearing brown shoes.

The runtling lives still.


Yoshimi said...

Brown is good, and always beats black hands down, so stick with it. Have you started thinking of names for the little one yet?

Anonymous said...

Who knew Anna Nicole had it in her?

Nancy Neverswept