Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't know what has gotten into me. Really. I actually worked on my other website today, editing content, adding photos and all that. I even investigated shopping carts and PayPal, until I remembered that I have an Etsy account already. Doh! I'll work more on it tomorrow since I will need to take photos of my fibers and then be prepared to spend serious time online, since I have dial-up. (High speed is still a pipe dream for this very rural, but developing county.)

I buried the little guy yesterday. He went peacefully. I am reminded of the scene from Lawrence of Arabia in which Lawrence has to execute a fellow whose life he had just saved. Essentially, the guy was meant to die; his number was up. (And by the way, wasn't Peter O'Toole absolutely gorgeous then?) NancyNeverSwept, rest assured that Anna won't be bred again. Of course, I didn't intend for her to be bred this time, but I reckon the girl just had to have it. And Stubby was quite studly. Valerie, thank you for all your comments. I do what I can for all my bunnies, big and little, angora and other. Sometimes my heart does break and sometimes I wonder why I do all this. But I love my bunnies, I like taking care of them, and they are wonderful creatures. Plus, I am trying to earn a little money off their fuzzy little backs. (See above.)

This is an old picture of Fuzzarelly, but as far as I am concerned, it speaks volumes.

I have been feeling good lately. Sweetie and I have laid off the booze for a couple of weeks now and I am convinced that I shouldn't pick it up ever again. On the other hand, I could also merrily drink myself to death, given any opportunity. Especially in the dark of winter. But it's high summer now and I feel fine.

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