Sunday, August 19, 2007

I admit I was not happy to find that, although I received 5 ribbons at the state fair, not one was a blue ribbon. Both of the shawls and 2 hand spun skeins received second place ribbons, and one skien a third. My socks didn't even place. Sweetie says that I am going to have to actually try next year. He thought it was good for me to be brought down a peg, to not be able to merely coast to victory for once. The bastard. He's right.

My good friend Blue Acorn won first place for her beautiful woven wool rug. NancyNeverSwept received the blue ribbon for a pair of socks that she labored over for months, on size ones, battling hand pain.

The weather has broken, a little anyway. We are still in a severe drought, but the temperatures are no longer in the 100s. The overnight lows are in the 60s and the highs are in the low 90s. It's supposed to hot back up this week, though, but not to the mind fry-ingly one hundreds.

Sweetie is on vacation this week and we have made tentative plans for one or two day trips. He'd like to go see the museum dedicated to his favorite crazy general, George Patton. It's at Ft. Knox and not far from here. (Some nights, we can feel the ground rumble and see the sky flash from their artillery.) There's also the Wright Museum in Dayton, Ohio. We'd go canoeing, except that water levels are too low. I'd like to take him to Pleasant Hill, Kentucky to see Shakertown. If it gets too hot, though, we may just stay home.


Valerie said...

This is, indeed, the problem with knitting, spinning etc becoming ever more popular -- there is more competition, increasing the odds that a distracted judge will accidentally put the wrong ribbons on your entries. You get the blue ribbon with your readers, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I held your fine, fine, three-ply Merino in my hot little hands and beg to differ with the judges. Let me at'em, let me at'em!!!