Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I visited my archives for August 2006 and was surprised at how sick I was from my allergies. Almost every entry mentioned that I felt awful or had just gotten over feeling awful. I have been feeling pretty good this August. My allergies are under control and I am able to take the heat. Also, there was Murgatroyd at his most ornery and adorable. I miss that little guy.

But we have Heizen and Sheila as house bunnies now and neither one of them pees on the couch. Here is Sheila in the litter box. The tufts on her ears look ridiculous, don't they? Cute as all get out and ridiculous.

This is a picture of rain on the window. Yes, we got us some rain - three inches worth today! Not nearly enough, though. Most corn crops around here have fried in the field and soybeans are nice and green but with no beans. Also in the photo is dyed angora. I've dyed green, rusty red and navy.

Instead of spending two hours every day on Sudoku, I am now using that time to knit. Not lace, but simple hats out of handspun. The one in the lower right is a crocheted cloche. I am ready to start another pair of socks and I am researching lace shawl patterns.

I visited a yarn shop with a great name,Grinny Possum, last week and picked up two balls of sock yarn and some merino laceweight that I want to dye. Not space dyed, but rather dyed in long runs. I have an idea how to do that flopping around in my brain - skeining and tying off hundred yard sections that I don't cut apart. The trick will be not making a huge mess or tangle, but if each little skein is well secured I think it will work. I am also awaiting delivery of some cashmere and cashmere/silk laceweight. Yum.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought about the dyeing in long runs... rattling around in my brain is something about a warping board. No details, just a mention by some random person that stuck. Sounds interesting, though! The other ways I'd heard about involved machine knitting (to condense the yarn package to more handleable proportions)or even just crocheting a long chain. Good luck!
Nancy Neverswept