Monday, August 06, 2007

I shall indeed live to knit another day. Central Air has been out of commission since Friday night. The repair man just replaced the blown capacitor on the outside unit and I am inside, waiting for the magic. It's 85 in here, with a window ac running, but it's better than being outside.

The heat has worn Buster out.

I go to the barn every afternoon around four to wet the bunnies ears with cool water because bunnies don't sweat. They use their ears as radiators to get rid of excess heat. I worry about them, but they seem to be doing okay. Yes, listless during the day and somewhat off their feed but I don't feel that they are in danger. I am going to clip Spot and trim a couple of others whose fur is over an inch long because the forecast is calling for even hotter temps later this week. Ick.

Finally received tags for my Kentucky State Fair entries. It had been so long that I had forgotten what all I had signed up for. Which was:

Handspun designer yarn w/swatch
Wool blend handspun
Best handspun natural colored wool
Best handspun merino, natural or white
All wool plied handspun yarn
Hand knitted socks
Hand knitted stole shrug wrap shawl or poncho
Any article knitted using handspun yarn

I still need to spin the white merino and the all wool, at least two ounces worth of each, and knit the swatch for the designer yarn. Entries are to be delivered this weekend, so I reckon I have enough time. And no, I don't live in Kentucky but I am in the Greater Louisville Area and so, I qualify.

I have enough yarn spun to begin another shawl (hot pink), but I began crocheting a linen shopping bag instead. Knitty, the latest edition, has a knit hemp(?) bag but I hate knitting non-stretchy yarn. Crochet goes so fast! And isn't a bitch. Pictures next post, but I am almost done with it. I did complete the socks.

Had my somewhat yearly physical last week. Except for my weight, I'm doing pretty good according to all of the medical personnel that examined me. My bad cholesterol is a little elevated, but my good cholesterol is way high! So there! I have a mammogram scheduled for this week and a colonoscopy in the works. Such is the joy of having lived to be fifty.

All of my life, like most women, I have struggled with and worried about my weight. But not anymore. I do not worry about it. (Thank you, anti-anxiety medz!) I eat healthy foods - whole grains, fruits, vegetables - and sometimes I eat pizza and nachos. I use real butter and whole milk. I don't buy low fat or sugar-free anything. Sweetie still thinks I am shapely and I am not unhappy with how I look. I look just fine, thank you. And if I ever do feel unhappy, I go to WalMart, walk around, and I come home with a great self image.

I have photos, but Blogger is having issues, so come back.


Anonymous said...

Well alright! I should only hope to attain that stage of enlightenment! Let's hear it for personal acceptance. Meanwhile, your program of medical check-ups is also to be applauded; especially since you used to be a resident of Egypt (de Nile, remember?), which is where I still live, some days. Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

Know any composers? We need a tearjerker to sing along with as we wait for the air conditioning to be repaired. After two visits in two days, I'm starting to melt down. The guy referred to today's coil replacement as "a surgery" and proceeded to charge accordingly. I think I'll go wet my ears.


Anonymous said...

Poor Lynn, that was on "ouch" on the a/c. Sometimes, with rabbits, one gives them frozen water bottles to snuggle up next to. That works better for humans, I think, than wetting just the ears. A good thing our venue for spinning at Bernheim is air conditioned!

Yoshimi said...

Woo Hoo, You've won an award, come see!