Sunday, August 12, 2007

This morning, as I made coffee, I let Buster outside to go pee. I looked out at him a little bit later and saw Ramsey following Buster around the yard and then down our little alley. It was so funny. She'd let him get ahead a few feet and then hop after him.

Certain house bunnies, however, are not so funny.

This is a doily I crocheted 20 years ago that I found on the floor yesterday, all chewed and ragged.

The heat here is intense and record breaking. I have clipt almost every bunny that had any length of fur on them. Nancy NeverSwept suggested frozen water bottles to keep them cool. I tried that first thing but the rabbits acted as if I had put a rat in their cages. A few hours later, the ice had melted and they were still keeping their distance. Silly rabbits. So I wet their ears. Actually, they are faring well. Like most animals, they are just hunkering down and getting through it. The coming week is expected to be more of the same.

Went to the Friendship Spinners monthly meeting yesterday and as usual, I had an excellent time. Didn't take my wheel because my hands hurt from spinning all day Friday, trying to finish my entries for the Kentucky State Fair.

Instead, I had my crochet hook and linen string and I began another shopping bag. I am writing down my instructions this time.

What I love about my friends in the spinning group is 1) their diversity of personalities and strengths, b) the intelligence and thoughtfulness of said people and III) the interesting conversations. I feel so at ease with these people, these weird and unusual people. I enjoy seeing what fiber they are spinning and what project they are working on.

I live amongst people of germanic descent. They are mostly Republican and conservative and church going. They express themselves by cleaning and mowing. It could be worse, but I don't exactly fit in.

I received an award from Yoshimi, but I couldn't get the button to load. Help? Actually, she says it is because of my bunny Yoshimi. And by the way, I didn't name her, and I don't know where the name is from. Help?

And lastly, Sweetie Simpsonized me this morning.


Anonymous said...

You do (almost) always make me laugh! Your enumerations were what got me this time...1, b, III; who else but you or Lynne Truss could make such jokes with what is essentially punctuation? Pity about the doily, though. And it's too bad the ice bottles didn't work; others swear by them. Short Angora trimmings are supposed to be good for felting, I've heard. Or I could just be passing around more old wives tales!
Nancy Neverswept

Brig said...

Very intereting.............

Valerie said...

I'd get fairly grumpy with a pretty doily like that spoiled. SIGH. I love animals, but when my cat crapped on my Australian knitting magazine.. that I can't easily replace.. I just about cried. Didn't yell at the cat (would do no good and just confuse her), but I did suggest she find a sandier area for her home decorating activities...

I like your shopping bag! You must be doing the same crocheted netting technique I did on that bottle. Don't you love how fast it goes and how strong the result is?