Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ah, Family

Hope you all had a nice day off if you got one. Sweetie had Saturday and Sunday off, but as usual, he worked the holiday performing start up at the plant.

He stayed home Sunday to mind the live stock while I traveled 41/2 hours to my paternal family reunion. My first but it was the 87th annual. I have such mixed emotions about family, especially my father's side, but despite my misgivings, I made the trip if only to see two of my three brothers and their families.

The event was in a rented hall, and the first person I saw greeted me by name! I hadn't seen that second cousin in over 30 years. Her three brothers knew me right off, too. I met more cousins than I knew existed and most of them knew my dad. They were all related to him. There were maybe 50 to 60 people there - all of them my family - and I was welcomed warmly by everyone. It was a strange feeling.

The coolest thing, though, was learning about the ancestors, (although I didn't learn nearly enough in the short time I was there.) The family tree begins with Ambrose H., Sr. in 1810. He was Generation One and lived in South Carolina. I am Generation Six. I hope someone can eventually trace our roots back to England.

Another very cool thing was what one particular second cousin said to me. When we would visit every summer, one of the few of my dad's people that we would go see was this cousin's family. All of us kids were about the same age and I remember that time fondly as there seemed to be no underlying tension, no amorphous anxiety. Anyway, this cousin looked me in the face and said, "You look so much like your mother." I was touched to the core and delighted at the same time because I always admired her looks - tall, slim and blond. For someone to say that this short, chubby and brunette woman looked like her - well, of course I was delighted.

My package from Yubina arrived Friday, a brown paper package decorated with a variety of Chinese stamps. I had ordered 150 grams of cashmere lace weight yarn and 100 grams of cashmere and silk lace weight. Soft and luscious stuff for Future Shawls.

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