Monday, September 10, 2007

Here is a tutorial for weaving in ends as you go. Photo heavy, but clear instructions.

I have been knitting a little bit. Finished the latest pair of socks, which took a little longer than anticipated because I changed a few things.

Removed the little stripe up the back as it was too bulky and it pooched out in an unattractive manner. Also reknit the cuff because one was too tight for comfort. Seems like I need to practice the tubular cast on some more. I needed a very elastic bind off and I used on I found online. I am sorry that I don't remember where I found this - was it Fleegle's blog? - but I saved it for just such an emergency. It is quite stretchy but cute.

I have also begun a cape/shawl garment. It is essentially a shawl but with shaping for the neck. Gave myself a headache trying to find some pattern in my several books and magazines that rocked me. Something not too hard but not too mindless. I have always liked this leaf motif and so worked up a chart using it, working from the neck down. It seems to work well with this yarn, a lace weight merino from 2 years ago when I was first trying to knit lace. I figured that if my idea sucked, I could just throw it away. No, not really. I am too cheap to throw away much of anything of value, however marginal. I do think I will over dye the yarn in deeper shades of green.

Buster says "Hi!"

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Helena Handbasket said...

I love that green! You are beautimous as always.