Monday, September 24, 2007

Knit and Hook

Still hot here, ninety-five degrees. Geez Louise. However, it should be 5 or so degrees cooler tomorrow and yet again we are being teased with a chance of rain. Percival keeps his cool, though. (I missed the shot of him on his back in the hole, little feet up in the air.)

I clipped Silky today. Sweetie dubbed him Sicky last year - but then he got better and so got a better name, too. He is silky. A good wooler, as they say. Bunny clipping season is just around the corner. Oh boy. One down, thirty something to go.

Still knitting the new shawl. There is something to be said about swatching, that something usually being "Don't need to" followed by "I should have." I mean, I should have at least tried a sample of the pattern alteration I made instead of spending an hour knitting two rows and then 4 hours unknitting those two rows. Lace, with its yarn overs and knit 2 togethers, behaves weirdly if one switches places of the yarn overs and knit 2 togethers. Who knew? But I got it figgered out and I am liking the change. I guess I better because I'm moving forward with this thing. You can't see the change in this picture, though, because it was taken last week. The green is gradually getter darker as the shawl gets longer.

Also, I meant this shawl to be a half circle. But because of one extra pair of yarn overs every eight rows well....who knew?

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Those are two rough looking babes! And sex at $15 EACH... the mind boggles. And the imagination reels. Nice looking shawl, though. And I've said those self-same words about swatching myself, to my undying remorse. Sometimes we just seem to be slow learners.
Nancy Neverswept

Valerie said...

I'm persuaded those ladies just thought this was their lucky night...

The shawl is cool. The picture is freaky, though, because I keep seeing it as the outline of a blue man. Wild.