Thursday, September 20, 2007


Still hanging out with my crazy - and it may get worse. Looks like the investment company that bought Sweetie's workplace last year was a "strip and flip" sort of outfit. In other words, squeeze as much money as possible out of the operation and then dump it. If the company is to be sold or merely closed, we don't know yet. We are both, at the moment, being philosophical about it. I mean, if you would ask Sweetie where he would want to be in five or ten years, he would say, "Not working for these people." Me, I'm kinda happy about not having to work. But I will if so needed. There's no reason to get our panties in a bunch until we know what all is going on.

In the meantime, I'm knitting my anxieties away on the green shawl. I'll have pictures next post.

I also took in another refugee bunny. Sigh. The owner got pregnant and they moved and blah blah blah. She is a cute, grey and white Netherland dwarf and acts much nicer than the boy dwarves. Claudia is currently caged and in the kitchen until Sheila warms up to her. She may or may not be the third house bunny, depending on Sheila. I know that Heizen will take to her.

You know, I get such a deep satisfaction out of taking care of the bunnies. They keep me calm and sane. (Except for when they make me nervous and crazy. Which isn't often.) The bunnies are such quiet, soft, contained little things and they will sit mostly patiently in my lap for grooming or clipping. I hope that they sense goodness from me; that I won't harm them.

On the shameless self-promotion front, I'm working on packaging for the 300 goodie bag items for the SOAR retreat. (Presentation is 90 per cent of sales after all.) The acronym stands for Spin-Off's Autumn Retreat. Anyhoo, it is an opportunity to distribute samples and promotional material to 300 dedicated and socio-economically gifted hand spinners from across the country. My "goodies" will need to ship Oct. 1. What with Sweetie's work situation, I am now hoping that it will generate a few sales.

It's still hot and dry here, but it's not such a horrible heat because it cools down at night to the 50s or 60s. We had 4 inches of rain in August, so our grass and greenery is not completely dead - but I can't remember when we got that last inch. Water holes for cattle are almost completely dry. It's worse further south which I noticed on the drive to the family reunion. No rain is forecast until Tuesday. Did you hear that the ice in the Northwest Passage has melted for the first time in 350 years? Fuck. I'm glad I'm old.

Older Brother has corrected me about the first known date of our ancestor, Ambrose H., Sr. He has been tracked to 1750. His son, Ambrose H., Jr. settled in the Tennessee county that I was born in c.1810. That still sort of freaks me out. My parents once told me that if I threw a rock in that county, I would hit a relative. Now I know why.Crazy


Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

so you SAY crazy, but you sound like you're dealing pretty well with a tense situation. Hang in there... and pet those bunnies... I'm petting my cat, for sure, and knitting like a fiend.

vloula said...

i'm hoping your crazy and my crazy can figure out this sweater collar tomorrow ;) your sweetie is a hard worker, maybe he'll find a place to appreciate him more.

hey-i finally discovered my blogger issue was google inspired :P