Thursday, September 27, 2007

This is our entertainment center. The teevee, with rabbit ears, the Sirius boombox, and the combination record player, CD player, and radio.

I don't watch much teevee and I'm not just saying that. I don't. But I brought the set from the back living room into the front living room so I could watch The War on PBS this week while I knit. Can I just say, "Oh. My. God."

I know a lot about WWII - for a woman my age. Books, movies, teevee, stories. This series has brought home the horror to me all over again. And the wars don't stop. Sweetie says wars happen because of men. Men have always and forever (?) fought for wealth, status, power. It is their nature. He says that it's just like two male bunnies fighting - only on a larger scale.

For me, it's horrible.

When we went to the Patton Museum, Sweetie was enthralled with the tanks; the power and force, etc. etc. (They have the largest tank collection in the world, I think.) He put himself into the aggressor's shoes; the person in the tank. Me, I was in the regular person's shoes. I imagined the tanks from the weaker position. Being run over by the tank.

We have C 130s fly over us a lot. Maybe three or four in a line. C 130s fly low and slow and make a deep rumbling noise individually. In a group, they rattle the windows. It's awe inspiring. I imagine having a thousand planes flying over, dropping bombs on me. I imagine being on the ground and seeing the sky filled with death machines.

So, I'm depressed today. I'm glad the show won't be on again until Sunday. But I will watch it. Even if it gives me bad dreams again.

Otherwise, this is Floppy, the wry neck bunny. Sometimes I call her Fosdick. She escaped from her little corral last week into the larger enclosure and it seems to be doing her good. Her head doesn't tilt so far to one side anymore. I think she is actually getting better! She's getting around far better than I ever thought she could.

Percival likes her.

Also, some acid crazed spider got aholt of my shawl and did bad things. I have started over.

And it did rain.

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Anonymous said...

Come now, do really expect us to believe that acid-crazed spider story? Some things are just too much to swallow! Now if you had said the gnomes had visited... we might have believed that.
Nancy Neverswept