Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm okay. Thanks for asking. I'm okay in the sense of still breathing and not flat lining.

Sweetie fortuitously scheduled two weeks vacation for now. The plant's check book is in the care of the bank and he doesn't know if he will have a job once vacation is done. There are three prospective buyers looking over the place, which is good news and there is a union, so the pay won't be less. The 401k is safe. (Sweetie told me the story of the local biscuit plant that was bought out by an investment group. The pension fund was raided and then they sold it. I ask you, how can these people live with themselves after doing that to ten, twenty, thirty year employees?)

So he has been busy around the house. Outside the house, really. He spent two days on my dear car and now the horn works (yay!,) the back window rolls up and down, and - drum roll please - the passenger side door opens from the outside. He also installed the satellite radio system, which doesn't quite work yet because, all of the sudden, the front cigarette lighter is not getting voltage. (This is definitely not a new car. There are three ashtrays and two cigarette lighters in the back.)

This is the nicest beat up car I have ever owned, and I have owned some beat up cars in my life. She is a vintage '83 Mercedes. Runs perfectly, gets 24 mpg, and cost less than $2300. The only reason that I have such a dream car is because Sweetie spent a year of his life as an apprentice at a Mercedes dealership in Atlanta and he has all the books, literature, yadda yadda for this model. If one gets parts at the junkyard and does the work oneself, one can indeed own such a vehicle.

Enough about me. Let's focus about me for awhile, okay?

I went to the dentist yesterday because this one lonely tooth, who has no friends on either side of it, starting being sensitive to hot and cold. Crap. Let's just pull the sucker because I cannot afford several thousand dollars to have a bridge made and all that other stuff that a lonely tooth with no friends needs.

Good news! The dentist tapped on it and I did not go through the roof. The X-ray revealed that while the tooth has its problems, its roots are healthy! The dentist did not want to pull a healthy tooth. She asked about any sinus problems. Uh, yeah. In the most major kind of way do I have sinus problems. I have not had a sense of smell for months. Upshot is that I am on anti-robotics for ten days (Ick. I hate anti-robotics) to take care of the infection that most likely is located in my sinuses, not my tooth. Seems that the roots of said tooth are involved in my sinuses somehow. All action is on hold for four or five weeks to see if the infection goes away and stays away.

And. I don't hate all lawyers. But I have been subpoenaed to give a deposition this Monday for a town related lawsuit. (Yes! Get involved in your governing and you, too, can get sued!) It is all totally bo-o-o-o-gus, but a subpoena is a subpoena. I am to bring all sorts of nonexistent paperwork. Major pain in the ass.

The thing is that I have been subpoenaed by this same lawyer for a different case - again, a totally bo-o-o-o-gus suit. This certain lawyer is the kind of low life scum that gives good lawyers a bad name. He's a bully and a dick. I am glad that the town has a great lawyer who will be there with me.

So. I'm depressed, but Sweetie has a job for the nonce and I have my car and my tooth. Things could be so much worse.

And how are you all?

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Anonymous said...

I used to work for a company that got sold... about to be bankrupted, they looked for a "white knight" to purchase them and avoid bankruptcy. Well, they found one and he proceeded to strip assets, including the pension fund, with government approval. He parted-out a few other bits, ran the place into bankruptcy anyway, and then dumped it. Lots of fun, those days were. He's still a well-respected local businessman there, and a big donor to, no surprise, the Republican Party. It was all legal. Just good business practice, you know. But I harbor no lingering resentment...

Good news about the tooth! Having had my own thousands-of-dollars-saving good tooth news recently, I know how it feels. Eat lots of yogurt if you can to keep you healthy; you'll want that with the anti-robotics.
Nancy Neverswept