Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Firstly, it is still raining here in southern Indiana! We have received over 6 inches of rain, much needed rain, over the past week. When I went to town for errands yesterday and got my socks and shoes soaked, I didn't mind! Live stock ponds that were bone dry have filled up. The river in town is a foot below a bridge I use a lot. Rain Rain Glorious Rain!

But it was dry and beautiful for the Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival this last Saturday. The first year of the festival there were 14 vendors. Last year, maybe twice that. This year, 45! And even better, attendance was incredible. I don't have figures, just my own eyes and I can tell you that folks just kept streaming in all day - and they came to buy! I had a great day, selling fiber, equipment, and 4 bunnies (who went to good homes.) It was a long day, though, as I was alone in my booth. After packing up, I about fell over from exhaustion.

Here is Blue Acorn and her booth. She sells hand dyed yarn and kits for purse and hats.

This is Kristin from Flatwoods Alpaca Farm.

Ann - from the best named yarn store ever, Grinny Possum.

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Anonymous said...

We are indeed fortunate people... it rained a lot here, too. Rhinebeck was a success, Corydon was a success, and life is good. We could do worse!
Nancy Neverswept