Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to blogging.

I'll never eat any store brand of English muffins again. Witness these muffins that were tossed out for the birds and wild life. Three weeks ago. The only thing that has nibbled at them are some apparently foolhardy insects. It has rained a lot and gotten below freezing and they are still whole and firm. I'll try to keep a visual log of them.

After initial resistance to being a web-lemming, I am now on Ravelry. I have gotten a Yahoo! ID, that I needed to get a Flickr account, which I needed to post photos to Ravelry. What a pain in the ass. I may or may not avail myself of all the things that Ravelry offers. Two hours on the internet, or in front of the computer, is all I can take any one day.

In knit news, the latest pair of socks are in the home stretch as I have just this morning picked up the stitches for the heel. Buster keeps guard while I am thus occupied.

Autumn color didn't last long.


Mouse said...

Heh.. That's when you KNOW they're disgusting.. when the animals outside won't even touch them. (Or maybe they're waiting for some jam?)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed you. And I agree about Ravelry; I also joined, but actually USING the thing looks like an endless swamp of wasted time at the computer, when I could be knitting instead. Thanks for the Buster fix!
Nancy NeverSwept