Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.
- Henny Youngman

Ha Ha.

Not much going on here in Lovely LAconia. Have not felt compelled to write. It's cold, gray and damp. I dreamt about Murgie last night. Why do I miss that feller so much?

Work, work, work - that's all I never do.

But I did mend and wash the many pairs of hand knit socks that Sweetie and I own. That must count for something!

Spent THREE fruitless hours trying to cast on the purple cashmere laceweight onto size 7 double points. I was totally bummed, man. I mean, how many ways are there to fuck up one thing? Several, I found out. Maybe this stuff was not meant to be this particular shawl. So, today, I tried another pattern that uses a crocheted cast on. That went like a breeze. However, following the actual pattern proved to be problematic. Sigh. When these things happen, and they do happen to everyone, I think, it's time to do something else. Like start another pair of socks.

Here's the last pair, finished. I used two different skeins to stripe these, which is a great way to jazz up not so exciting yarn.

There is of course, the bunnies. Heizen has grown to gigantic proportions - but is still the sweetest guy.

And now, enjoy THIS.


Anonymous said...

What a weird URL!!! Thanks!
Nancy NeverSwept

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot... when in doubt, it's ALWAYS time for more socks. That's the rule I live by, anyway.
Nancy NeverSwept

Valerie said...

I'm doing the same thing you are only I'm retreating into Baby Clothes. When all else fails, knit something small. Even if it's horrible, it didn't last too long...

Love Heizen. He is so fat and lazy and beautiful. I just want to pet him. :)