Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's been a rough week. It began with a doctor visit on Monday, because the chronic sinus infection was getting worse. Got a different kind of anti-robotic and a flu shot.

I was flat out sick on Tuesday, woke up hoarse and with a sore throat. That night I hardly slept what with all the hacking and phlegm. Nice.

Wednesday morning, Sweetie took me back to the doctor because I was having severe breathing problems. Like, I couldn't hardly. As in drowning. I was tested for flu even though I was sure it wasn't flu. Negative. Told ya. (And by the way, the first flu case in our county was found on Monday, both A and B. Early for around here.) I was given a nebulizer treatment. Had a chest X ray, just to make sure. Negative. Got a butt shot of even more anti-robotics and lastly, a series of prednisone pills.

I've pretty much slept since then. While still congested, the airways are clear enough. The cough is mostly gone.

Here is a word of praise for what I will call My Health Team. I was able to see the doctor within two hours of calling. Each time. The nurse, nurse practitioner, and doctor all worked together like the proverbial well oiled machine. Everyone took excellent care of me.

Of course, it will all cost a bundle. Sweetie told me not to worry, since breathing is important. He is my local expert, being asthmatic his own self.

But I will worry anyway, because his job status is still unclear. Rumors are rampant, but it is expected that once the new owners take possession, they will fire everyone and close for two weeks. And get rid of the union. All employees can then reapply. How this would affect seniority and insurance is unknown.

So. Here's a Few Fun Links!

First, those Crazy Catholics!

Then, those Baptists do the Darnedest Things! Here's the report.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, that HAS been a week! I'm glad you seem to be better, and I hope you can come out and play this weekend with us.

While I had seen some news coverage here of the Catholic school principal, the Baptist minister was a new one for me. My sakes, what some people get up to! I can't imagine where he learned that - seminary? I guess it takes all kinds; but one wonders about his karma.
Nancy NeverSwept

Valerie said...

Sympathies and empathies! I'm tired of being sick, bet you are too.

Sanitized hugs being sent your way...