Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Contents Under Pressure

Oh my goodness, am I glad that it is December 26th.

Had a quiet day at home yesterday. We exchanged giftees on the 24th, with pizza for supper.

Sweetie received two pair of wool socks and a pair of red indoor/outdoor slippers. Also, a book called Options by the Fake Steve Jobs. (His is the one website that Sweetie checks out daily.) I do love me some Internet Shopping.

Sweetie outdid himself this year, giftee-wise, doing all his shopping on the 24th. Mr. Brinksmanship! He stopped at Goodwill and, in order to help with my musical education, bought me a 1978 Ronco vinyl edition of Disco's Greatest Hits. What a hoot! Also, a Herb Alpert album that I didn't have. And, because he said I did not have enough bunny stuff, he found a silver-tone metal ware (whatever that is) bread tray with a lovely rabbit, art-nouveau-sort-of, embossed upon it.

We're not done yet! At my suggestion, he traveled to Grinny Possum and Ann helped him pick out two books, The Ashford Dyeing Book and Interweave Knit's 25 Favorite Sock Patterns and a ball of the 100% corn fiber yarn, purple, called aMAIZing. He lives up to his name, Sweetie does!

In what is becoming a tradition, for the second year in a row we delivered big Bags o' Cat Food to three neighborhood cat people, two of whom have been working to spay and neuter all of the town's feral felines. Out of their own pockets. I'm hoping that we can expand this little charitable effort somehow in the future.

So, it's over for another year. I did well this holiday season, being more full of peace and love instead of grumpy and out of sorts. I sent out a few cards but never got around to putting up a tree.

Soon, we will be eating corn bread, black eyed peas and turnip greens. Sweetie does not ask much of me at all, but he likes to have these Southern Traditional things on New Year's Day. In fact, corn bread fresh upturned out of the cast iron skillet, and slathered with real butter, is a gourmand's delight, and one of the things that I bake well, thankyouverymuch.

Here is a fun site, full of pictures so for you dial-ups out there, give it a chance to load. I rather like the Matisse, the sun the mermaid, the Elvis, the Buddha, the Mona Lisa....

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shansays said...

No tree either, but we ate a lot, and I started a new pair of toe up socks.

I am still pondering my goodies. Spindle/ wheel.

Spindle/ wheel?

Big Hug,