Thursday, December 27, 2007

Keep This Ticket

Outdoor Bunny Update

In addition to the first little white kit that I saw, I have seen five other babies. Two more white ones, one with Dickie's head tuft (!), two brown ones, and an elusive black one. I have my guesses, but really don't know which mother kindled which kit. On the other hand, the daddy list is much shorter.

I took in one of the white kits after I found him huddled on the porch the morning after a terrible wind storm.

I try, (yes I try,) to leave them alone but I couldn't let this one be. Brought him inside and Sweetie noticed the bare patches and scabs on his hind end. He'd been picked on by Bambi, I presume, since I'd seen her chasing a white baby around the front yard. She has a history of being a bully.

Half of the kits have found refuge in the tunnels in the backyard enclosure. They must smell the summer bunnies and that makes them feel safe. They are still small enough to fit through the small fence gaps. If I stand on a chair at the bathroom window, I sometimes get to see them nibbling grass.

I learned today that my residence is becoming a minor tourist attraction. Pam, who works part-time at the General Store, told me that last summer, several people stopped to ask "Where does the lady with the rabbits in her yard live?" One can't do anything out of the ordinary in a small town without attracting attention.

Knitting Update

Finished the latest pair of socks. Here they are with Reece's Pieces, since I didn't want to disturb her chair time.

And have already cast on for the next pair. I paid for and downloaded the Annetrelac Socks from Interweave Knit Gifts. I have never done any entrelac knitting, and this appealed to me because of the use it makes of hand painted yarn. (Such as the stuff I got from The Insubordiknit). I may hate the fussiness of the technique. Who knows. But I like the look. Knitting is wonderful, though, for the fact that it can be tinked and knit again.

Cat lovers, and others, go here to Obey the Kitty.


Anonymous said...

Nice socks! And so considerate of you not to disturb the cat.
Nancy NeverSwept

Valerie said...

How funny — I just discovered that Obey site this week. I am an old fan of the Obey Giant project and so this is a nice spin-off...

Attractive socks — and cat. And what a great name for the cat.