Saturday, February 23, 2008

Have You enclosed Your Payment?

Again with the interesting weather. Freezing rain last night, then rain today.

The daytime temp was 35-ish, Fahrenheit, so the rain was no longer freezing, but there was ice caked on everything outside and it only Very. Slowly. Melted. I mean, every little blade of grass, every twig and every branch was encased this morning in 1/4 inch of ice. Tree branches dropped from the weight and the roof icicles were looking long, pointy, and murderous.

Inside the house, I am (alert the media!) working in the studio. I know. I know. How many times have you heard that before? But this time, really - I do have a show to get ready for and absolutely no product left to sell. Dammit. The show is in like seven weeks. Or a little less. Lots o' time. Hell, yeah.

I'm feeling well these days. My body feels good and my mood is ever so slightly elevated. I've been getting a few things done around the house.

Sweetie asked what I wanted for my birthday. A Maid! A cleaning Person! That's what I want and that's what I'm going to get, by the Great Barking Cheese! Dammit!

I don't know if it is the new medz for high blood pressure, or the seven baby bunnies running around underfoot, (be careful where you step,) or the greater amounts of sunlight, but for now, I am feeling better. Just as antisocial, don'tcha know, but better. I feel happy!

Here are a couple of the kids, three weeks old today. Cute, cute, cute! And Fuzzy!

Here is Milly, the other cat. You must forgive her; she was raised by rabbits.

We have been feeling a little spendy and therefore bought a new digital camera. Still fooling around with it and figuring out what all of those fucking icons mean. The viewing screen is three times the size of the old camera, (which is over 5 years old,) and that's a very good thing for our aging eyes.

Here's the
See how you fare.


Mouse said...

Oh my god.. the cuteness! I don't know how I'm supposed to keep reading this blog when I know that there is no way I can have those cute bunnies you keep posting photos of!! I just want to 'squish' those two.. they're so adorable! (and the colors are gorgeous as well for spinning fiber)
Are your bunnies litter trained since they have free run of the house? Its the bunny pee that I'd be worried about ruining the carpet.

Helena Handbasket said...

In the same vein as kitties being raised by bunnies, the little black bunny could have been birthed by my kitty. Looks just like her. Just too damn cute. Smooches to Milly.


Hello, Helena -

Thanks for the very nice email about your shawl. I am glad you have kept warm!


Hello Mouse -

Heizen came to me already litter trained and he taught Sheila. I use hay for the litter.

Earlier this week, the babies ventured out of their box in the pantry and I think they are beginning to use the litter box now. I'm not seeing pee. I don't have carpets, but rather scatter rugs.

I think some of the UberClean Germans around here assume that we are backward ass hillbillies, what with all the animals in the house.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling up, fractious, and pretty good. Ornery, too. I'm in much the same spirit, just got home from 4 days in Canada with Leslie and all her rabbits; yes, she's got cute baby bunnies, too! Overload on cute; to mitigate, there was also a bitch in heat and one horny, frustrated, and very vocal dog. And I got home to the same ice scene you described, coupled with a walk up the un-driveable driveway. At least it was pretty!
Nancy NeverSwept

Knitting Linguist said...

Those baby bunnies are cuteness personified. And I can't wait to see what comes out of the studio! (BTW, I approve of the cleaning person -- it is a worthy birthday present.) :)

zippiknits said...

Oh my lord those are so cute! Dammit, I wantarabbitagainnnoooooo!