Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keep Away From Children

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics won't take an interest in you!” ~ Pericles (430 B.C.)

Get involved and STAY involved, you all. Not just this year! Every year and every election! This is your counry! We are special in history! It freaks me out that some people know the judges on American Idol better than who is running for president. For the Greatest Nation in the World.

Okay. I am old and I will calm down now. Sigh.

New Subject.

Not only did Sweetie have a two day weekend, (noteworthy in itself,) but because of the ice thing he had two and a half days off. Sweet!

Made the trip yesterday into almost-the-city, meaning New Albany, Indiana. Just this side of the Ohio River from Louisville. To the Home Repo Depot and we bought stick-on vinyl tiles for the bathroom floor. The Bathroom Saga is too long to deal with here. I don't have the energy to recount the sad story just now.

The actual reflooring may take a few months or maybe it will be finished next week, so stay tuned. We make progress by our own calendar.

Sweetie screwed around with the new camera yesterday (which must be why the friggin' batteries are dead today,) and he got a semi-good shot of the wild barn bunnies. The young'ns belong to Barbara Bobo and the late, lamented Black Bart. (Another Internal-Combustion-Engine sacrifice.) Since the snow and ice episodes, they have begun to count on me giving them bunny pellets at assorted locations - along with unfrozen water. Bobo is about half tame and some of her kids are becoming used to my presence. As long as I don't chase after them, and just stand and observe, they quickly become used to my presence.

I am particularly enchanted by the grey one. And there are two grey ones! One older and one from a subsequent litter. Poor Bobo seems to be pregnant and nursing a lot, as there are a total of five babies from her.

I am just now beginning to wonder what sort of thing I have unleashed upon this little village as there are about fifteen of the little guys now running loose around here.


Mouse said...

See.. and I'm the other way around- I have NO CLUE about American Idol or a good majority of current 'pop culture' stuff. All the years I spent without a tv has made me really selective about the time I waste in front of the tube.

zippiknits said...

God I love a good Vote RANT!

And your bunny pictures! Yay!

zippiknits said...

I've read further, that you now have "about" 15 rabbits? LOL! We started with a Buck and two Does, to show. We ended up with 13 in the end. Big honkers of Holland Lops that are never supposed to weigh in over 4 pounds. It is too laugh. We had our own attack rabbit, a doe who thought that the hand feeding her was going to kill her. We thought about it, believe me. Rabbitstew?


Hello, Zippi -

Oh, the fifteen are the "wild" outdoor bunnies.

There are 23 angora bunnies in the barn and nine in the house. Seven of those are babies.


I am so glad to have Sirius radio! I guess I am a news junky. There are so many news stations from around the world. Also love the old radio shows and the music.

We don't need no stinkin' TeeVee.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. We want to hear more about your cleaning lady... or laddy perhaps?! Can you really find bunny-friendly service personnel?

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