Friday, February 01, 2008

Open Along Edge

Not much shakin'. Sort of cold here with a smattering of snow. Oldest Brother wrote from the Great White North that is Upper Indiana to say that schools were closed and snow was deep. HA-ha.

Actually, there is something shakin' because, a few days early, Sheila delivered eight bouncing babies! Healthy and with no parts chewed off. Four are black and four are not black. I'm not going to post pictures yet because you have all seen pink and black squirming, hairless, sightless kits. (However, I never, ever get tired of the babies.)

Little Wednesday, on the other hand, is growing apace. Huge, actually! Eleven ounces at just over three weeks. I think he is an angora, even.

So. Right now, there are twelve bunnies in the house. Oh, hell, we don't mind.

Oh, yeah! Sweetie's socks are progressing. More on them later.

Go here for a cheap shot at Paul McCartney. Did you know he is sixty-five fuckin' years old?


Helena Handbasket said...

Look at tiny precious Wednesday! Him's still so darn cute. What a sweet little baby bunny. Give him (along with Buster and the crew) smooches from nutty Aunt HH.

Helena Handbasket said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice socks! Did you chart out your design beforehand, or make it up on the fly? It looks completely planned.
Nancy NeverSwept