Sunday, February 03, 2008

Store and Serve Cool

Okay. So, here I am listening to the Super Bowl play by play on the Sirius Satellite radio. I have only now, two or three minutes into the first quarter, realized that what I am hearing is Flemish! (No, not phlegmish!) Ack. Apparently, the Big Game is being satellite-cast in 12 languages.

So very cool! I'm catching "Play action Manning" and "First down." Otherwise, it is not quite understandable.

I am hoping for a Giants win, because, well, we all hate Tom Brady (the horn dog) and the Patriots here in the Cult of the Colts. I had hoped for a Manning and Brady match up, but who thought it would have been little bro Eli and not Peyton (the Pure)???

Added later: I think it is so cool that BROTHERS have won back to back Super Bowls!

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