Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do Not Lick Flap

Knee deep in bunnies. I'm going to have to put them outside in the big cage, aka The Palatial Summer Cottage, by the end of the week. If it is warm enough. Sheila has them totally weaned and they are four and a half weeks old - eating and pooping up a storm. I always say that a baby bunny is just a digestive system encased in incredible cuteness.

Yes, I do have SUCKER written on my forehead. Why do you ask? Just because I bought 6 more angoras, along with cages and accouterments, this weekend. A breeding pair that originated with Leslie Sampson, and four of their offspring - Three Does and a Buck. (Doesn't that sound like a singing group from the fifties?) Their wool is really something; so thick and soft.

My enthusiasm for drumcarding fiber has not waned, and I have been spending three to four hours a day in my studio. Working. My experiment of mixing dyed angora mats with the merino was a great success! Just finished a half pound of orange mats and brown merino, and spun up a little bit "just to see." Very cool! Even spun fine, the slubs were effective without being overwhelming, as the mats compressed and were held in place by the merino. And it wasn't hard to spin, either.

How is everyone's Helix knitting experiment coming along? Nape Nibbler? As an afterthought, let me add that it doesn't matter where the second yarn is started, just not where the first yarn is and not where it will end where the first yarn begins. And I always keep a needle's worth of stitches between the end of one yarn and the beginning of the other, to avoid the Dreaded Jog. I've begun the second sock, and almost have the ribbing done on it.

Pictures later.


shansays said...

Hey girl,
Just checking in. DH found my blog, so it is going on lockdown for awhile. I will still be blogging, but I am keeping it a little more private until the dust settles.

username: shansays
password: friendofshan

Big Hug,

zippiknits said...

So, you are gathering bunnies faster than even THEY can reproduce are you? Didn't anyone tell you that rabbits are dangerous animals? lol

We ended up with 13 and you are nearly there already I'm figuring.


Hi, Zippi -

Let's see - I think there are thirty angoras in the barn and one in the house! That is not counting the short hairs.

Anonymous said...

Helixing is such fun. Who knew I could choose the contents of new DNA? No pesky progenators to honor. My sample does have some bloops (not jogs) that occured when I allowed one color to pass the other. What are the traffic rules? No passing zone?


Helena Handbasket said...

Okay, so this comment has zero to do with the actual blog entry you posted -- I am SO excited about seeing you in Greencastle and hanging out et cetera ad nauseum. I'm just beside my little Frappuccino slingin', sheep string knittin' self. Hee hee.