Friday, February 29, 2008

Use As Directed

Made the arduous trip to almost-Indianapolis yesterday to pick up the dwarf hotoe. I have dubbed her Amy, because her eyes remind me of Amy Winehouse's eye make up. ("Wanna make me go to rehab, I say No. No. No!") Sheila hates her. Amy's a real sweetie, though. And cute! Her mom was so sad to see her go. Damn Allergies!

Nancy NeverSwept requested a visual to help explain my helix socks. I don't know, does this help? Can you see where the pink yarn is as opposed to the green yarn? Click on picture to make big.

I've been busy in the studio and having fun! I know!! Weird, huh? I have two ginormous bags of angora mats, so I am experimenting with dyeing the mats and carding them into merino. As texture. Very Cool! Make lemonade with those lemons!

Here is the necessary baby bunny photo. It's the runt of the litter. So far, the kids stay mostly stay in the kitchen, only roaming a little bit - like here - into the living room. Four weeks old today.

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Anonymous said...

Great visual. I'm glad Nancy asked. I went straight to my needles and played. I believe I'm helixing but will verify next we meet.

Amy is a hoot. I guess she hardly ever has to reapply.