Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Cause Dizziness

This is a post I received about my blog entry yesterday. The author did not want to be identified. I had heard this sad tale before, and that is why I didn't call the law or make a huge fuss. I hate it, too - but life ain't fair and it often sucks. Great big donkey dicks.

"Once upon a time, I too believed that every dog deserved another chance to not be a bad guy and have his owner be responsible so he wouldn't kill and destroy.  

I also thought that problems between neighbors could be solved.  I was wrong then, and it cost me my best friend and riding coach, my peace of mind for months, the ill-will of several other neighbors and friends, and thousands of dollars in the sale of our house at the wrong time as we made an escape from the range war that was created.  

I went to the neighbor who owned the dog [that killed my sheep], and when he refused to confine the dog and I got huffy, he began to threaten.  Our attorney (another neighbor, by the way) said that was terroristic threatening, and I must not allow it, and should press charges. When I did, all the other neighbors stopped speaking to me, as "one simply didn't do that. Pressing charges against a neighbor goes too far."  We eventually sold and moved, incurring large losses.

In the wake of that, I learned that bad as it sounds (and feels), you can't be fair to every dog.

It's not his fault, but just plain bad luck to end up with an irresponsible owner.  Some dogs pay for that bad luck with their lives, as we now follow the 3-S rule, sometimes called the Kentucky rule, Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.  If you've never complained, no one will suspect you, and no escalating feuds are started.  This goes so against my grain it's not even funny, as I've always been a dog lover, a proponent of the fair shake, and a believer in the rule of law.  But there it is, you can't always follow your instincts and life's just not fair, and it sucks."

Nuff sed.

I discovered this blog today and have added it to my RSS feed. That means that the current blog entry is posted as an email to me. If a person has high speed internet, it may not matter. But if you are like me, and two or three other people, and have dial up it is great. Some sites take for-fuckin-ever to load. Take a hint, you all, and make your photos more appropriate for web pages. I'm just saying. I would visit you more often.

For the computer-impaired go to your favorite blog. After it loads, there should be an RSS button located to the far right of their URL. Click this. Shortly, you should see a link at the side that says "Subscribe in Mail". Click that. And wait until the site loads. You should then see if there are new posts by goint to your email.

Now. This works on my Mac. I don't do PCs. You guys are on your own.

We do love our babies!


Anonymous said...

W a pity it is that all dogs are not like Buster!!!
Nancy NeverSwept

Knitting Linguist said...

After reading yesterday and today's post, I can only say I'm so sorry! What a hideous experience. It's true that some dogs get owners who are far worse than they deserve, and it's the dogs who get nailed for it, when owners should really take responsibility. I'm so sorry about your baby.

The new bunnies are darling, though -- small consolation, I know...

zippiknits said...

Hmm.. pictures.. hmm :) I'll try it. hehe Thanks for the baby bunny fix. I think baby bunnies are actually cuter than kittens.