Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just Add Water

Knitting News! Yes, I do knit!

Finally placed the purple cashmere shawl on a thread, just to see how big (or small) it really is. Each morning, I am only able to complete two rows (or less) and I was despairing of ever completing the thing, let alone by August. State Fair Time, ya know. (The pattern is Azalea by Marianne Kinzel.)

So, I was happy to see a piece that measured almost four feet at its widest, in a quick pin out session on the bed. It looked so little while on the needles!

Now I know that I have plenty of yarn to finish and enough time that I can spare some mornings to work on socks. Yay!

It has been grey and damp here, but my window plants are loving it.

My former in-laws collected Hummell plates, as an investment, don't you know, and I secretly swore to never ever own anything Hummell made.

Then my dear friend Blue Acorn gifted me with this delightful pair of bunnies. Aren't they cute? They were marked, and I googled because she said they might be collectible, and - yep, they were made by a subsidiary of Hummell - early seventies. And I don't care. I love them!

Here is Hairy - or maybe Hairiette - in the back yard.


Anonymous said...

Azalea is gorgeous. You've shown us the needle wad. It's always such a thrill to see the pattern unfurled.

Thanks for the peek!



Thank you, NN! See you soon at Sharkertown.

zippiknits said...

It's beautiful. That is a must have pattern, and thank you for the piccie. When you say you put it on a thread, that means you took it off the needles? That's brave! :)

Knitting Linguist said...

My goodness. That shawl is stunning. How fun to see it all laid out like that! (And what a relief to feel like you're going to have time to finish it!) :)