Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This Side Up

I am strangely not psyched about this weekend's fiber festival in Troy, Ohio.

Part of it must be anxiety about going to a new place. (I'm not a great traveler.) I've been going to Greencastle, either as a buyer or a vendor, for 8 years. The first time I went, I was in the care of several veterans. So now, there are no surprises. This weekend, however...

Hippie Art Chick and I will be camping, and that is out of my comfort range. I think I've camped out before - I just can't seem to remember when. She has the tent and sleeping bags and stuff; all I need to bring is my pillow. Sweetie wants me to take a hammer or machete - you know, just in case. Geez. (Amanda, I promise not to freak or anything.)

I will get over this and I will be fine. I don't know why I am surprised at my unease, except - isn't this what the drugs are for?

On the plus side, I have dyed some of the merino/angora mill roving and cranked it into batts. Nice! I've spun some of it, too. There are teeny tiny neps in it, from less than ideal length angora, but in the spinning it matters not. I also had the brilliant idea to sell four ounce balls of the plain roving! du-u-u-h! I am the marketing jeenyus.

I may or may not do another show before the Fiber eXchange Guild's gig in October. (Which is The Best!!! and is a Must Attend!!!) There's a show in September in Illinois that I may do. I really should be more gung ho about selling, but at the moment, I am having a hard time leaving the house. Maybe Sweetie, (or Amanda,) can come with me to Illinois. I don't even go to my Fuzzarelly.com website to update. My head hangs in shame. Luzer!

Received the Placating Tax Refund today. It will help pay for some work we had done on the barn. A retaining wall began giving way several years ago, and structural damage to the barn was imminent, if not already underway. This was a must do.

The barn is old, extremely well built, and definitely worth saving. Here's the work in progress, with our house in the background.

We voted today. How strange it is that today's outcome in Indiana actually makes a difference! I hope you all voted and plan to vote in November!

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Anonymous said...

Ah ha. Now I understand how you will take mill work and end up with your lovely soft batts in gorgeous colors!

I am impressed with your plans to camp during allergy season. Thank God for inhalers and epipens.