Thursday, June 05, 2008

No Deposit - No Return

Despite my best efforts, (really!) (no, seriously!) Karma has gone back to live with Sweetie's workmate. I had hoped that more of the Blue Heeler would show through, but she is really just a Lab with grey markings.

This afternoon Buster, Heizen, Reese's, Milly, and all of the outside bunnies are again at ease. Me, too. I love my quiet life. I need my quiet life. My nerve ends are regenerating even as I type.

If we ever decide to get another canine, Sweetie and I are agreed that it should be an older mutt dog. I at least I know that Karma is back in a good home. I don't think I could have taken her to the pound, especially this county's so-called animal shelter. She's a good dog - just not for me.

Now, on the other hand, I heard a wonderful tale about one of Sheila's babies that I sold at Greencastle. I ran into L. at Old Bardstown and she said that "Caramel" has turned out to be a most wonderful pet! "He is more social than I thought a bunny would be!" she said. "Like last week - I was on the couch and he jumped up to smell my feet. He then ran up my body to my face, looked at me for awhile, ran back to my feet and then jumped down on the floor." (Shades of Sheila!)

She related that he does his business in his cage. "Sometimes, when he is in the living room with us, he will run at warp speed into the kitchen to his cage and pee. When he's done, Caramel returns to the living room."

I am so glad to hear this happy story. Sometimes I can only hope that new bunny-owners will tend to and love the babies like L. does.

Bunnies do make great house pets. They do not behave like cats or dogs. They are rabbits. They are curious and attentive. They are quiet, which is a big plus in my book. The poop doesn't smell, but the pee can. They are easily house trained. Again a plus.

What's not to love?


Mouse said...

My bunny was a great inside pet.. she was actually easier and better litter trained than the dog & cats. BTW.. are "winehouse' and her babies angora breeds?

Knitting Linguist said...

Yup, here's the post I'm printing for my husband! The time may come...