Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Swimming

Not much to report, except that Karma has managed to get on every single nerve I have, and not just the last one. I reckon this is why I didn't have children - not that I had a choice - but I always assumed that I would have bene a terrible mother. At least to squalling infants. And overactive 2 year olds. And pre-schoolers. And tweens. And middle schoolers. And teenagers. I have a lot of patience up to a point, and once that point is surpassed, then there is no patience. (Quietly imagine nuclear meltdown.)

At the moment, Karma is actually asleep outside of her crate!

During a conversation once with my friends from Friendship Spinners, about kids with picky eating habits, I said that if I had a kid that wouldn't eat their beans, I'd lock them in a closet for a day or two. "Bet they'd be hungry and eat their damn beans then." Dara asked if I had been raised that way and I said no; I ate my damn beans or I went hungry. That's when I inwardly affirmed that I had terrible and poor parenting skillz. (This is not a sibling-wide phenomenon.) (Yay!)

Bunny news is that Claudia's two babies, from a planned mating with Stewart (a small black angora,) are thriving. (Claudia, however, is only now getting over being exceedingly pissed at me for forcing this upon her.) Both babies are grey, one light and one darker, with no markings. They are 8 days old.

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Valerie said...

More bunnies is always good. Karma sounds.. challenging. She'll probably turn out to be your favorite dog ever, of course.