Friday, September 05, 2008

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Back to knitting.

The better part of Sweetie's afghan is complete and I am quite happy with it! (It's all done but for weaving in some ends.)

It measures more or less 3.5' x 5' and weighs a hefty pound and a half. I was ready to be done with it because the thing was getting too big and warm to deal with even in the air conditioning.

The overall look is very much like some of my art quilts. The fact that practically all of the yarn was my own handspun makes me happy. It is warm and soft and just the right size.

The yarn was a worsted weight. I combined two yarns sometimes to get the right weight. It is a bit wonky, I admit, but I am glad to say that I am no longer constrained by the Tyranny of The Square.

Also, Apples!

The red delicious tree is this close - to ripe. And they taste so different from the store-bought variety. I know that this apple tree needs another apple tree to act as pollinator. I don't know, though, that if the pollinator is a different variety, whether the red delicious fruit on my tree will be "true." They are getting redder and sweeter. From the drops I made Apple Crisp today. Sweetie is going to be happy! Nomnom. I am searching for my canning jars in order to preserve this so-far-unique generous harvest. Dried apples slices and canned applesauce and canned pieces in light syrup are what will be in my future this month. Also, the Asian pears are ripe, too. Again with dried pear slices and canned bits in syrup. The pears also keep well in refrigeration for up to three months, as I learned from the interwebs.

These fruits, these pomes, are totally organic and for that, I am delighted!

I don't feel so much like wasted flesh today.

This a T shirt I found at a thrift store last year.


Mouse said...

That blanket is the COOLEST! I really love it.. all of the colors and sizes of squares together.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL afghan!!! And I hope someday also to free myself from the tyranny of the square. Nicely done.
Nancy NeverSwept

Valerie said...

The afghan is lovely -- warm and inviting. I bet your sweetie loves it, esp. as autumn is coming on.

Knitting is a healing force. When I'm feeling most disconnected from myself, it seems to ground me back to where I belong .. if not joy, at least equilibrium.

zippiknits said...

That afghan is beautiful. I love that it looks scrapquilt-like and full of fuzzarellyness. A great use of homespun m'lady. :)