Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Faster and More Secure

In other news. We have had no rain to speak of for awhile and the pollen count of nettle and plantain is is near 12. (On a scale of 1 to 12.) (Accordoing to Pollen.Com) The landscape looks drab and I am trying to stay indoors at all costs.

Except for Sunday, when Sweetie and I drove to Tennessee for the Hall family reunion. The event was at a private home (thank you, Bill and Glenda,) but most everybody re-uned outside under the trees. Oldest Brother and his Wife were there, along with a few identifiable relatives. I got drunk on the drive home. Sweetie drove.

I have been plagued with what I am sure are turkey ticks (aka seed ticks, or in fact, tick larvae.) At first I thought they were flea bites but in all my life I have never had bite wounds like these, fleas included. That's when I decided that it must be turkey ticks. Nasty little monsters. Where I got into them, I don't know, except maybe the over grown field next door where I harvest bunny greens.

Last weekend, we went into the woods with a friend and covered ourselves in Deep Woods Off. But I still got a few more bites, some that were mere red splotches.

One particular red, non-scratchy spot developed a red ring. Hello, Doctor?

She diagnosed a staph infection, possibly caused by my scratching of the tick bites. Whatever. Tetracycline was prescribed.

I am to stay inside for the nonce. In the air conditioning. How awful, huh? The thermometer is at 100. Relief is expected by the end of the week. Hot and allergen-filled is the outside. No, Please Don't Make Me Stay in the House!! Heh heh. Please, don't throw into that briar patch!

There is only one bunny still in full wool in the barn and I will clip her tonight. Last night was Oscar's turn. Still, the heat is nowhere near as bad as last year.


Knitting Linguist said...

Those bites look awful! I hope that they heal up quickly (but that you still have to stay indoors in the A/C) :)

Helena Handbasket said...

Semi-Precious, no more bites for you. Give up the blood sports, I beg you. Hee hee. I send your perforated skin much love and a smooch for you.

Valerie said...

Ouch, my sympathies about the bites. I've been eaten alive by ants, myself, lately. Annual Ant Invasion: DO NOT WANT. But you know how it is.

How's your back feeling?

Catching up on all the bunny stories and pictures. I sure do love a pile of baby bunnies, especially when they're all different kinds.