Friday, November 28, 2008

What Would Gandhi Do?

Black Friday, my Aunt Fanny. I'm staying home.

Because Virginia is making a nest. She has used up the several handfuls of hay and is now making do with shredded newspaper. Babies due tomorrow. Squee.

It rained earlier in the week. Which was notable only because it has been so dry. Here is Shed Elv*s, and rain, through the kitchen winder.

For Shannon, here is Buster at age thirteen, and he is still creakin' along.

I don't even want to think about for how much longer. He still knows that he needs to be outside for peein' and poopin', so that is a Good Thing. Deep down inside, I know that his future with us is short. He, on the other hand, has no idea. Bless is good old doggy heart.

I combed my hair out last night, which always amazes me. It is so long! To the bottom of the butt.

There are times that I toy with getting the whole mess whacked off and letting the gray take over.

Then I remember what that means - haircuts every 4 to 6 weeks. Yuck and Ick. I cannot bear salons, hair cutteries, or barbers. Waste of money is what that means.

The thing with my hair being so long, and me being so old, is that style is not the thing. I wash my hair every two or three weeks. At times, even every four weeks. If the scalp feels icky in between shampoos, I spritz vinegar onto the head and hair.

I wear my hair up all of the time, which protects the ends. (My hair is thin but healthy.) It also makes me appear taller. (Almost tall enough for my weight. Ha ha.) It is incredibly easy to care for. And so, I never convince myself to cut it all off.

But I think about it.


Mouse said...

I'm the same way about my hair-- I think about cutting it until I remember that I don't like salons, hair styling & the 'goo' that goes along with it, and that its all a waste of good money. My hair is long enough that I can just tuck it into my pants - I am looking forward to when it gets long enough that I give myself whiplash when I sit down on it.. lol. (my bff has butt length hair and constantly jokes of whiplash)
While I had my dreads I used Dr. Bronners soap & vinegar rinses - I switched back to 'regular shampoo' and now my scalp is a mess and my hair does not look as shiny (the bottom 1/4 of my hair was undreaded) as it did before.

Knitting Linguist said...

I wish my hair would grow that long! It hits about my shoulders (which takes over a year from jaw-length) and quits. Sigh... Your Buster looks a lot like our Kia; she'll turn 14 on New Year's day, and I keep hoping we'll get a little while longer -- she's happy, and, as you say, continent, so that's all good. I can't wait to see the kits!

zippiknits said...

Your long hair is beautiful and truly long!

I love my hair long but it never gets long now, and it's so thin. So, I try to control it myself. There are lots more things I want to spend money on than haircuts. My mother had hair that would grow very long. My sister and I were not similarly blessed.

I was looking at your dear old doggie. Bless his heart. Mine is tired and slow now, too. He sleeps a lot. But he loves his little life, and I hope your Buster does, too.

Did the doe kindle yet? She has that look about her, too.

shansays said...

Buster looks great:) Old dogs are the best.

Hah, and I cut my hair shoulder length this year with lots of layers. It was long for years, and I needed a change. I also quit color it red. I have been going to the same hair dresser in Brooklyn for almost twelve years. She knows me really well so I can go three or four months between cuts. I do have to wash it twice a week, now that it's shorter. A real bummer now that it's winter:)