Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Keep out of the reach of children.

Still no babies! Virginia has made a beautiful nest from hay, newspaper and her first-hair-cut wool. (Which I saved for just such an emergency.) Last night, she began pulling her own chest wool (finally!) and Sweetie and thought that she'd deliver within hours. Or at least by this morning. Nada. I feel like I should be pacing in a waiting room, chain smoking, and with a five o'clock shadow. It can't be much longer. I calculated the delivery date from the first copulation, because you know - that is how it usually often works with bunnies, but she and Walter spent three weeks together. So. I'm not too worried, just slightly anxious. (As I post this, I have observed her sitting in the nest box. A lot. Time is getting closer.)

Thanksgiving was fine, I guess. Sweetie was sick with The Virus that has been going around. Everyone in Boone Township seems to have a cold or cough. And of course, I caught it, too. On Saturday. Sigh. I baked a nice turkey and made mashed sweet potatoes with green beans and rice. Leftovers have gone to live in the freezer.

Still nothing to show in the way of knitting. Shannon just posted about finishing a scribble scarf, not knowing that I had cast on a scribble shawl two weeks ago. Why are we on the same wavelength? Scribble and dogs.

We watched Fight Club on dvd, and I was quite taken with it. I remember seeing the ads and trailers for it back in 1999, and I thought it was about fighting. In a club. A guy kind of thing. But NO! Stupid Hollywood people. It reminded me of Being John Malkovich. In fact, I thought that John Cusak would have been great as the protagonist in Fight Club in stead of Ed Norton. Anyway. Interesting. Also watched four episodes from season 3 of Northern Exposure. Yum. Still in the at-home queue is LA Confidential.

The cell phone and wireless thing did not work out. There are no bars on the phones inside our house. Sigh. However, on Thursday, we may have hi-speed internet through our phone line. Or not. Once the Verizon guy makes sure our phone line/box/wire is acceptable and up to snuff.

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Knitting Linguist said...

I loved Being John Malkovich. And I love Northern Exposure. I may have to watch some of that next week as I'm trying to get through some holiday knitting...