Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Enjoy responsibly.

The Babies have landed!

All that nesting fuss produced two healthy babies. Virginia is fine and seems to be doing excellent mothering.

I have been going outside to do barn chores through the front door because Buster is having a hard time making it down the back steps to come with me. This morning, if I hadn't gone out the front door, I wouldn't have found this little guy by the steps.

Hell, I saw spattered blood and thought he was dead. Picked him up and found him to be weak and scared but still kicking. There is a puncture wound on his neck and one front leg is useless. I tried to clip the bloody wool off, but when I got near the wound he let out that awful bunny squeal and struggled mightily to get away. I was able to put a little anti-robotic on him, and he ate several pieces of banana, so I'm thinking that he'll be okay if he makes it through tonight. I'll have to watch for infection. He might be a little crippled.

I don't know what got him. It wasn't Reeses, and I hope it wasn't Milly since she was raised by rabbits. Another cat? A neighbor's cat? Whatever tried to kill this one is probably the same thing that took all of the new babies next door. Every single one. So. Sweetie is on the warpath with the live traps again.


zippiknits said...

The little black bunny, do you think the attack have been by an owl? Big owls will catch them and they sometimes get away. Poor little babies. Horned owls leave big punctures. Hope he recovers well and can have a happier future.

Oh aren't baby rabbits adorable. I'm glad you got two. One seems big. One of our does had a very big baby stuck in the canal and strained and strained. Finally I called the 4H breeder and she came over and pulled out the big un. She breathed into his nostrils and he lived! These were Holland Lops, so tiny mamas. The buck wasn't much bigger but there was some "bigness" genes in the way back, I guess.

Congratulations on the babies and mom doing well.

Knitting Linguist said...

Talk about good news/bad news. Except that you found the little black guy before anything else could happen, so I guess that's good news for him in the end. The babies are darling!

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

Oh my. Punctures are the hardest to keep clean, especially if the buns is not cooperating.
Those newborns look like they could still be in the womb.