Saturday, April 04, 2009

Topical Analgesic

Sometimes I knit. Rally, I dew! I am putting the finishing touches to the last free scarf pattern. The way the pattern ends looks fine, but there is that funky little flap at the beginning that needs to not be there. I know, oh so technical.

I may not have time to knit a new scarf without the flap, but I hope to have the flap-less pattern available as a freebie w/purchace at The Fiber Event next Friday and Saturday in Greencastle, Indiana. (April 10-11 at the Putnam County Fairgrounds.)The earthy colored one was spun, plied with itself, and knit from one ounce of Bunny & the Beast.

The turquoise was spun and plied with thread from only a half ounce of Fuzzy Nuggets.

Best joke(?) I heard today, from Nikki Payne: "I put on my crazy suit to see how it fit."

I don't feel like am a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown all the time anymore, (thank you pharmaceuticals,) but I felt like it for a long long time. Say, like from age 12 to 44. It was like always being hauled up that first big hill on the roller coaster, clack clack clack, with all the intensity and anxiety and thrill and anticipation, but never quite going over the top. Somehow, I never lost control to take the deep dive into lala land. Well, hardly ever.

Anyway, this chick crackers me up.


Knitting Linguist said...

The scarves are gorgeous -- I love the colors, too. And I do recognize that feeling, and am so grateful that I haven't had to live with it quite so constantly as you describe. Being able to sometimes find humor helps a lot...

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