Friday, April 03, 2009

Use daily.

Call me a narcissist, but this is one of the most flattering snap shots ever taken of me.

I was at my old store, with my arm around a dress knit by Shay-ron and a shawl I wove on a tri-loom. The shawl now lives in Australia. I used to be so damn cute!


Mouse said...

We all need a favorite photo!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

Cute you still are. Looks are just the packaging.

About the comment question.

Go to Settings in blogger.

Click on 'Comments' tab at top of page menu.

Scroll down to 'Comments moderation' and add your email address of choice.

There is also a box at the bottom to get messages at more then one email address.

I would have answered your questions in an email but right now only my comments function is working.

Hope I helped.

Hugs, Euphoria

Valerie said...

From the few photos you occasionally post, you're definitely still cute. I think you'll stay that way, too. My auntie Ett was cute through her 80s.

Doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great self-portrait. My favorite photo of myself is now a good 27 years old...

Shay said...


so did I.