Monday, July 27, 2009

Now in 30 packs!

I have listened to this song a million times in my life and hope to listen to it a million more.

My ex, the Pyg, in addition to being an asshole, was a guitar-playing, tenor-singing musician. I sat in on countless hours of him rehearsing the song with Ted Thomas, including the discussions of pauses, lyrics, key, etc. I know this song forward and backward.

But I only just learned that Lowell George wrote and performed it.

May the universe accept his energy.


Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

Thank you. That song always leaves me feeling good.

Anonymous said...

The only version I ever had was by
Linda Ronstadt & like my little sis
over and over on the 33 1/3.


k said...

Unca Bri and I used to sing it.

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Gee that brought back some sweet vibes of the past....

(hmmmmm I think that we might have twins separated at birth as ex's.....)