Sunday, November 29, 2009

Itch Relief

I'm home, safe and fairly sound, from the trip north. My three brothers were there, with assorted in laws and a couple of teenage kids. I had a great time!

Everyone was glad to see me and I was glad to see all of them. We played eucher and Aggravation and laughed and ate.

The trip turned bleak, though, when the car lost power on the drive home and just quit. I was able to pull off to the side of Interstate 69, but not far enough to avoid the jostling effect of tractor trailers as they passed. Phone calls were made, a tow truck called (thank you, Harry,) an alternator installed, and I made it home $350 poorer and four hours later than planned.

Sweetie was nowhere to be found, having apparently heard me say that I would be home at 9, instead of what I actually said, which was 7:30. I know, the two numbers sound just alike, don't they? Also, Crazy Neighbor had put up an artificial christmas tree on top of the rabbit cage in the living room. I hate artificial trees.

I had so wanted to be home that night, and it was like being in the twilight zone, and no, not the vampire twilight. That might at least have been interesting. So, I went to bed, grumpy and tired and out of sorts.

I'm better now.


Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I hate coming home to weird stuff like that -- I end up completely discombobulated. I'm so glad that the time with family went well, though; I understand those feelings of dread and avoidance, and what a relief it is when it goes well.

zippiknits said...

Glad that you had a great time with your sibs and the teenagers. They can, when they want to, be a LOT of fun to have around with their wit and energy.

Sorry about that car stuff, and the artificial tree stuff. I've gotten used to them because we can't go into our own woods and get one of the baby trees, nor can we plant on we buy live. That's SoCal! Glad you're better now. gimme a hug, rabbit lady!

shansays said...

Hey Lady,

Just read your blog and caught up a bit. Here is what we have in common:

allergies, a bit of dyeing, and a newly acquired fleeces. I am working with a CVM, a Bond, and waiting impatiently for a corriedale to arrive. We make the trip down south soon. I haven't worked in two months, and my big accomplishment for today was vacuuming:)