Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paid in Full

This is a wonderful website! It will keep you entertained for years, possibly.

This little short film means something to me in several different ways. First, I love the black and grey gloom of the mise en scene, and the constant surround of negative people. (Life here in Laconia, with our sour, dour farmer folk.) Secondly, I like the reminders of the real austerity and rationing that went on in great Britain after World War II, long after life here in the US rebounded almost immediately. Thirdly, though, it makes me sad that we Americans are mostly not touched one little bit by the two wars we waging, unless one has someone in the military serving over there.

I despise the orgy of Christmas. Sorry, but I do. Not the idea of the holiday, if that is your thing, but the crass consumerism of it all. It makes me sad.

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Knitting Linguist said...

I'm checking in quickly, so haven't had a chance to watch, but I SO agree with you about the sorrow I feel that we have managed to hide from ourselves, as a general public (I see it more, being near so many military bases), the costs of these wars we're waging. I think it makes it easier to keep supporting them, or at least to not actively oppose them. Alas.