Tuesday, December 15, 2009


First, Sweetie gave me asthma. Then psoriasis. And now, his Whereinhellisit syndrome. You know, the one where you are looking straight at something, yet cannot see it?

This happens all the time here at Chez Fur. Car keys, wallets, important papers, cars in parking lots, that thing I just had a minute ago, ear plugs, and now, eye glasses. I have been the triumphant Finder of Lost Things for our entire relationship. I mocked him unmercifully.

But now? I have this disease and I can't find anything, either. Oh, I can still find his things, I just can't find my things.

I mean, I know the drill with his lost stuff. It's either in the bathroom, in his last worn pants or coat, on the kitchen table under something, or near that big RV.

So far, still lost is a dress. A whole dress. This morning? A bottle of medicine for the bunnies. Look, seek, look on top of, search, straighten up, look behind, look under, think. And repeat.

I don't have a Finder Goddess of my own, so I'm fucked.

Guess I'll play solitaire.


Knitting Linguist said...

This is why we all need a wife. To find stuff for us. (And yes, I am being wry.) I tell Rick that all the time, just so he knows that when I get married again, it's only so that I have someone to follow around after me and find the things I lose, just like I do for him!

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

You are not alone. This morning I looked all over the kitchen for a paperback I had just set down. I must have looked 3 times before locating it in exactly the spot it was not just a minute before.

k said...

I have trained Daughter for just this task. I ask her, "where is It?" and before the words are out of my mouth, I find It.
Neither of us understands. We just go with the flow.
But, a whole dress???

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

I am currently looking for two boxes of decoration and a box of seasonal CD's and videos. The ones I never put out in the barn because they have special meaning.

I've been looking for weeks now. All the while finding Mountain Man's stuff in an instant.

Its contagious.

Hugs, Euphoria