Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Insert bobbin here.

K asked if I would write a little something about my past life, back when I was somebody. First, though, since I have been sewing again, I thought I would share some snaps of my equipment.

This is my incredibly wonderful and ancient Bernina zigzag, which has a high speed motor. Most of the machines that I am showing, I have had for at least twenty years. She is my "go-to" machine. I think I paid $250 for her.

And the industrial three-thread serger, or overcast machine. This baby zips along at about 3000 stitches a minute. Love love love her. She cost me $400.

I bought this Brother for $120 back in 1989, and yes, she looks a bit forlorn here, but it's just because I haven't cleaned her up yet. If any of you all are in the market for a sewing machine, I can't recommend this brand highly enough. She doesn't have any fancy stitches, and most people don't need eleventy zillion stitches. She is also mechanical, not computerized, and so is easy to fix. Not that she needs fixing hardly at all. The current price is about $100. I did an incredible amount of production sewing on this baby.

This little bitch is a walking foot zigzag, meaning that the machine grabs both the top layer and the bottom layer of fabric and moves them under the needle evenly. I traded a loom for her several years ago, and only recently did any real sewing on her. (Recently as in yesterday.) I found her motor too weak and her zigzag stitch not wide enough. Also, the flywheel release broke off in my hand - it's that black plastic bit in the lower right. My friend bought this machine new, and so I am very disappointed in the durability aspect as well as the performance aspect. However, she may be just the thing I need for some other project.

My favorite machine leapt to her death coming home from my bricks and mortar store. She was an industrial straight stitch; that's all she did, and I loved her. If I keep on with this sewing thing, I will have to replace her. Her table and motor are intact, although they've been in the barn for five years.

So. This is my equipment. Next post will be about what I have been making with it.


k said...

Wow. They make my fifties Singer tank look flimsy.
And you still are somebody. We just don't know who yet.


Well, I did use to sew for a living. I sewed a lot, everyday, and these these babies were workhorses.

Well, I'm trying to figure out who I want to be this time.