Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No bars held.

I am feeling so good! It's like some sort of election slogan, or mantra, because I must have said it 20 times today. I feel good!

My creative spark has returned and while it might not turn into a conflagration on every front, I am at least wanting to Do Things! Much different from how I felt a month ago.

The woozies are completely gone and I don't feel any more or less depressed than usual. I am swearing a lot more, in creative ways even. I have energy. I have been sewing. Photos to follow. I have ideas of things I'd like to sew. I have been knitting, but have nothing to show, as most has been ripped out once or twice, yet I am not discouraged. Just wait until the socks are photo worthy! They are beautiful, like stained glass.

The heat has broken; it was only 85º today. I left the air conditioning off and the low tonight is forecast to be 61º.

The thing is, though, that I have been doing things, thinking about projects that I would like to do, and even picking up that piece of trash off the floor instead of just looking at it. I am so glad to be off the medz, although it has been hard.

Princess, Zander, and Foxy are all well, and are getting better behaved. (Spending a couple of hours in my studio without canines underfoot has been a delight.) All of the chickens are okay, even the leftover Omelet, who I think is a hen. The sad news is that Smoky passed away on Sunday, along with one of Blue Jean's teenagers. Don't know from what, but it has been hellish hot here lately. These are outdoor bunnies who are not really pets, but just are part of our mise en scene. Smoky lived a great life, fighting and fucking and passing on his genes. Every male animal's desire, I think.


k said...

Isn't it great when the storm passes?
Sorry about the bunnies. Am looking forward to seeing what you have done.

Knitting Linguist said...

Such wonderful news about the way that you're feeling! Hooray! I recognize hoe good that feels - glad you've gotten there :)

Helen said...