Sunday, August 29, 2010


Presenting, The Duck.

All we need now is a pygmy goat. Meet Lucky, a rescued duck from recently moved neighbors who could not take said duck with. Raised from an Easter duckling, tame as all get out, likes TV and crushed ice and cheese puffs.

Hope he/she gets along with chickens, as it is out in the back yard enclosure where they sleep of a night. Here are three of the hens.

Placed a big plastic tub full of water out there for it, and some chicken scratch for the nonce, until I can study up on duck keeping.

Cooked tonight, and had to share this fratita made in my George Foreman grill. Nom nom nom. Love you, George!

Millie keeps watch. You know, with her killer skillz, I worried about her and the baby chicks, but she has never messed with them. She believes in my Peaceable Kingdom.

Since we out-sourced the Killer Kitty, the bunny population is rebounding. Here are two of the many.

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Knitting Linguist said...

I hope the duck and the chickens work things out, but s/he looks like a keeper! As does dinner, mmmm....