Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Replace cover when not in use.

Lucky Ducky is adapting well to the back yard. He is a Pekin duck, a flightless domestic bird, and looks curiously at the chickens but everyone appears to be getting along. He is fun to watch, (as are all of the outdoor animals,) and will quack happily back when quacked at.

I finished the Little Quilt on Sunday; it is nothing special save as practice, I suppose. (And it will be a warm little cover come winter.)

The front is nice and country-looking, but I rather favor the back.

It was a challenge to use only pre-cut pieces, and I probably have enough bits to make another one if I care to. I completely machine-sewed this one, even the binding, which, on the final seam, I usually hand-sew as it looks neater and lays flatter, but I was eager to be done. Finished size is about 40" X 50".

Sunday evening, I ordered a bolt of PDF (prepared for dyeing) Kona cotton from Dharma as I have a new art quilt in my head, trying to get out. I have done some preliminary design work. Unlike previous artistic ventures in the last couple of years, when I was trying to force my muse, this project seems impossible to repress.

I have bunches of kites and parrot-shaped windsocks to sew this week. Every time I sit myself down in front of my Bernina, I still feel as though I am supposed to be there. It feels right, and good. The Kite Man assembled a 12' compound kite for me on Monday, just to show me its enormity. Freakin' huge! I'm glad he has someone that likes to make those, as the ones with 8 foot wingspans are big enough for me.


Mouse said...

The new quilt is beautiful! I think it would be sort of cool to have a duck as a pet but my husband would have a conniption. lol.

Knitting Linguist said...

Hooray for irrepressible projects! I can't wait to see how it comes out, as this quilt is wonderful :) That 12-foot compound kite sounds pretty wonderful, too, even if it does seem like you'd need quite a head wind to get it off the ground.

k said...

Shit! I need that Yudu!

So, if you're being creative, I need to figure out a design for a rock for a quilt. It's the focus of the action, and I'm stuck. I've worked through the rest, but I can't figure out how to make the rock.

Roundish, but faceted.