Monday, October 11, 2010

Report Damage at Once

I still haven't found my camera. I fear it is lost, and I can't afford a replacement until next month. It's okay, though, as Sweetie has been wanting to upgrade for awhile. More megapixals for less money, is what he is saying. Fine. Whatever. I am just pissed that I lost the damn thing. (More of the I-am-so-bad-and-fucked-up voices in my head.)

So. The blog will be less visually stimulating for the next few weeks. No photos or YouTube videos of the Celebrate Laconia parade of 2010. (As an aside, why have I not made any videos lately?)(Shut up, you voices!)

The days are getting shorter, and by that I mean that the sunshine is less, and I am getting more and more blue. Remember my posts where I said, I feel good! I feel good!? These days, not so much. I don't feel bad, but that post-medicine rush has passed. 

I did get into my sewing room today. Seems that the first 6 kites I made were made sort of wawmpy-jawed, having oriented the wings in the wrong direction, and I was mortified and ashamed to have made such a mistake. Kite Man says, not to worry, he can sell them at a discount, but still I was so sorry to have screwed up. No wonder I was so at sea with that first batch! What I need to drill into my brain is that Kite Man didn't notice when I presented them, (and if anyone should have it was he,) and that it was my first attempt to sew these complex and new-to-me things. If they had been 18th century tailcoats? Piece of cake.) (And Kite Man is not mad at me or anything, so why do I flagellate myself so?)

The point being, I didn't want to try the kites again, but today I did, and I survived. I mean, I have looked closely at the offending kites, and they are well made; just, shall we say, different. My sewing skills are not at fault, just my mental processes. (So what else is new?)

All of my critters are a joy, and there are no more dead stock tales to relate. I looked out the back door this morning and counted 13 bunnies of all ages eating the pellets I put out, and that is no where near all of the bunnies that live around here. All the chickens save for Big Red are doing great, and whatever the matter is with Big Red is physical and not contagious, as she is weak and more pale, although Roostifer stays by her most of the day and night. The 6 new hens are vigorous and healthy and give me 3 or 4 eggs every day, and I share the extras with the neighbors. Lucky Duck and Omelet have become friends. Buffalo Wing is 3/4 the size of Henny Penny, and mom has not run her baby off yet. BW is a hen! Yay! 

So there is some joy in my life. 

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MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Fuzz. Pop me an email. It's a story too long for the comments, but I actually have a camera I was just trying to figure out how to brighten someone's day with. New, still in the box. Last year's model, but quite nice. xo AmpuTeeHee(at)hotmail(dot)com