Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This Old House

So, Valerie asked me if I am still moving. 

The short answer is no.

The long answer is fuck no.

1. I love my house too much, and the mortgage is so almost paid off. 

II. Try to sell in this market? I'm not insane. 

C. I'd have to manage it all myself, and I am not up to the challenge. 

#. I am not as angry as I was nine months ago. 

It still takes 20 minutes to get anywhere, and 45 minutes to get somewhere, but…I can cope with that. Right now, I can have my chickens free range over a couple acres and nobody complains about them or the numerous rabbits that populate the town because of me.

I really do love this house and if I could transport it somewhere else, I would. The house is a mess and needs paint and repair and more attention and money than we have on hand, but she is a well-built structure on a solid foundation and we will eventually find the time and/or money to fix her up. And if we don't, the next owners will after we die. She is worth a over ten times more than the mortgage, so things could be a lot worse. 


Valerie said...

The important thing to me is that you sound like you're feeling less pressured and confined than you did earlier...

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

HI Fuzzarelly,

I think you are right.

There may have some draw backs to living in the country, but you can beat 'living your own life in a good old house' with a stick.

Its all about the comfort zone.

Hugs, Euphoria