Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A duck walks into a bar...

As the old joke goes, "I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?"

I'll start with the bad news, I reckon. When I got home from my spinners' weekend, it was to find Omelet dead, and Buffalo Wing and Easter missing. A hawk is the suspected culprit. Whatever it was, Howard the Duck was too big to be taken. 

The remaining 3 hens, along with Fried Chicken, have been staying very near the front porch, day and night. 

(I don't even want to write much about the road kill bunnies that I have had to attend to, in the last few weeks. It breaks my heart.) 

So much sadness.

The good news is that I captured the hens and rooster this morning around 5:30, and then took them to my friend's house. She has at least 15 hens and a couple of roosters that free range like mine do. 

Then there is Henny Penny, the Buff Orpington banty hen, and her two chicks that are a week and a half old. It has been so cold here, that I brought them all inside last week. They are in a large cage in the laundry area, where they are safe and warm. I call the chicks Peg Leg and Wing Man. I will keep them inside until other arrangements can be made.

Also, I will see Sweetie this weekend! He had a professional inspect the house we like, and the story gets more dismal as the wiring is all fucked up and needs to be replaced. Crap on a stick. On the bright side, that's one more bargaining chip and not a deal ender. He has been spending his free time looking at other houses, and wants me to look at them, too. He has another week of this all-week training before his 3.5 day work week kicks in, so I expect him to come home the weekend after this.

It's lonely here, rattling around in this big ol' house with only the cats and dog. (And the duck and rabbits.) I can't say that I am thrilled to be moving to Missouri, but, so it goes. I'm putting on my big-girl panties, and making the best of it.

Also? My doctor has prescribed me some new happy pill medication. Maybe now I will be less with the weepy.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

I'm not even sure what to say about your post except to say thanks and send out a hug and tell you that reading it made me feel less alone today and that I'm sorry about the news with the animals :-(. xo
what a mess of a run on sentence.


In one way, I am glad to have my animals die a quick death. It's never a good day when I have to take some slow bunny to the cemetery. I miss my chickens, but have been assured that they are doing fine. Still caged for the time being.

In a perfect world, they all die of old age.

Knitting Linguist said...

I am so sorry to hear about your chickens - that's just awful news, and it certainly can't be helping the weepies (which I understand). Seeing Sweetie will help, though, I bet - I'm glad that you have that to look forward to! Sending hugs and warm thoughts.